Exact Fraction Calculator 精確分數計算器

Last modified:   2013-Mar-06

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  • What is the sum of the mixed fraction '8 2/97' and the repeating decimal '0.46666...'?
  • What is the repeating decimal representation of '1/23456'?
  • What is the repeating 'decimal' in base 33: '5A.Q4BCBCBC...'?
  • What is an optimal simple fraction approximating '0.57692316'?

Xzfracal is an Exact Fraction Calculator. It is designed to compute complicated mathematical expressions involving fractions and repeating decimals in different radixes with ease and precision. It can answer the above questions and more! Here is a summary list of tasks that can be performed easily and accurately with Xzfracal:

  • Conversion between fractions, mixed fractions, finite and repeating decimals.
  • Conversion of numbers of different basis (from 2 to 36).
  • Complicated arithmetic of fractions, mixed fractions, finite and repeating decimals.
  • Comparison of fractions, mixed fractions, finite and repeating decimals.
  • Factorization of integers.
  • Greatest common divisors and least common multiples of integers.
  • Integer and modulo divisions of integers.
  • Optimal rational approximation.
  • Factorial, combination, and permutation.
  • Polynomial operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, composition, evaluation.
  • Matrix operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, trace, determinant, transpose, inverse.
  • System of linear equations.
  • Arithmetic of quadratic surds: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and conjugation.

Xzfracal 是一個多功能的精確分數計算器 ,能夠準確處理以下的運算:

  • 分數,帶分數,有限和循環小數的互相轉換
  • 不同進位制(2至36)的分數,有限和循環小數的互相轉換
  • 整數,分數,帶分數,有限和循環小數混合在一起的複雜四則和整數冪運算
  • 整數,分數,帶分數,有限和循環小數的數值比較,一組數值的最大和最小值
  • 整数的質因數分解
  • 通分母,最大公約數,最小公倍數
  • 整數除,模除
  • 最佳有理近似值
  • 階乘,排列和組合個數
  • 多項式的運算:加,減,乘,除,餘,冪,取值,複合運算
  • 矩陣的運算:加,減,乘,轉置,逆,跡
  • 行列式
  • 線性方程組
  • 平方根式的運算:加,減,乘,除,共軛

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Newer versions supporting radixes and surds will be publicly available soon.
請注意: 支持不同進位制和平方根式的最新版本即將免費公開發布。

Xzfracal is safe. It is free for personal, non-commercial use. You can use it online or download it from Google Play. If you like Xzfracal, please give it a favorable rating and consider sponsoring me.

Xzfracal 絕對安全,個人非商業性的使用是免費的。你可以在 線上 使用或 下載。 如果你喜歡 Xzfracal,請給本軟件一個好的評價和考慮贊助我開發此軟件。